Top of the mornin to ya..! or something like that

I'll continue in English as I'm still mad (sorta) and none of my devoted readers deserted me because of it yesterday and I'm in a hurry..

I took a looooong walk in the snow yesterday. didn't get any wiser. I'm still a bit unsteady in my walking and my head's still a bit unclear (I guess it always will be haha). I completely broke down when I got home. Thing on top of thing on top og thing on top of thing has proven to be too much for little Christine to handle. LIttle Christine who felt she should be in totally control by the age of 24 but finds herself in the middle of nowhere - on so many levels. I can't begin to tell you how awful that feels.


I'm up at DAWN as you can see. Almost NEVER happens, unless I haven't gone to bed by that hour. I'm soooooo not a morning person!!

I have lots of things to do before I skip to Oslo. Actually it's about 3 things and I haven't even packed yet. But it seems a lot to me!! It's MORNING and I'm moody for crying out loud. and I'm expected to DO stuff before noon!!!!! Feck!! I never pack 'till the day I'm meant to leave and I kinda travel a lot and should've learned by now. (sidenote: I never learn!). So far I've only missed 3 planes and countless busses and trains.

I'm gonna let men be men and do a lot of thinking in Dubai on a lovely sunbed and my head under water for most of the time. I'm gonna work out a little bit as I love running up a good sweat without much clothes on. Hate sweaty clothes but I love the dripping sweat from my body in the sun (yup, I'm weird - don't even ask me why!!).
Me and my friend Charlotte are going to have a butler and a driver where we're staying and access to all the best places if we wanna go out and about. And ofcourse we will.
I'm not gonna do a lot of partying, I'm gonna have a great, relaxing time with my sweet friend and I will charge my batteries, cry my eyes out on her shoulder from time to time, laugh, swim and LIVE!
I'm even gonna turn my phone off for some time!!!! Jeeeeeesus!!! I'll bring my fave music and my cutest bathing suits and high heels ofcourse, so maaaybe some cute guy will look my way and make me feel a little better just by his smile.
I'm not even gonna shop that much (not to my worried daddy...). I can't afford it after x-mas and that's not what I'm there for. But I WILL relax. My head and my body. And the rest - I'll deal with when I'm back!!

But first things first.. Things to do. Face to wash, body to scrub, hair to do,leave the make-up for later, pack and boring but important workpaper shit to do.

Can't wait to see my friends in Oslo for a couple of days before we leave and I'll stay some days after we get back too :) Quality time.

Hope you'll have a good week and I'll pop back in to say hi whenever I get the chance, ofcourse :) You know how much I apreciate you guys, esp in a time like this :)


some pics from a previous sunny holliday. Puerto Rico! Can you blame me for wanting the sun on my face again? :)

Hoy, det var lenge sia jeg har lest engelsk! Haha, tok meg dobbelt så lang tid tror jeg (jeg må begynne å pugge litt igjen..)

Skal du til Dubai du da? Det visste jeg ikke (og jeg som trodde jeg visste sånn ca alt om deg ved å lese bloggen din vettu.. ;P)

Det blir nok bra til deg det, å reise vekk litt :) Deilig med en pause og ikke minst sol :D

Kommer du til å blogge derfra eller?

Puss puss på dig!

Skrevet av: RoCKpriNSeSsan

25.jan.2010 06:46

Tror det blir vanskelig for deg å feste i Dubai, ettersom de ikke har uteplasser hvor det drikkes alkohol på. Men kos deg med god urte-te og kaffe, da blir det liv og røre. Du skriver ikke spesielt godt engelsk, så du bør egentlig gå over til norsk igjen da du gramatisk sett skriver det bedre. Kos deg på tur i Dubai.

Skrevet av: JesusFantomet

25.jan.2010 10:04

Have I friend-requested you? I can`t seem to remember.. Anyhow, welcome to Oslo, and have a blast in Dubai :)


Skrevet av: Simen

25.jan.2010 16:27

Simen: hmm... No? Don't think you did. Anyway, I wouldn't know since u didn't leave your last name.. :) thanx :)

Skrevet av: Christine Lövendahl

25.jan.2010 16:50

Hei, søt blogg! :) uhm, ville bare informere om denne bloggen her:, hun bruker "sørlandsjenta" som du har hatt mye lengre enn henne! :p

Skrevet av: ANNE LILL ♥♫

25.jan.2010 20:32

ANNE LILL : okay, takk for tipset :)

Skrevet av: Christine Lövendahl

25.jan.2010 23:00

Shit, tæææn! :) Misunnelig.

Skrevet av: Ida Bianca

31.jan.2010 16:20