We've arrived safely in Dubai. No terrorists on the plane and we even got through the security check! yay! We've already taken some dumb photos of some funny looking people (us, after hours of travelling). but this STUPID computer wouldn't load my photos onto the 'puter. darn! too tired to care about it right now. I'll get it fixed tomorrow cause you've gotto see how amazingly CLEAN this place is. Not only where we live, but the whole town here. Lovely.

All the houses and cars here are GORGEOUS. we even have our own butler and driver. I'm amazed. I'm gonna sleep for a while now in a king size bed all alone and it's gonna be delish :)

I'm gonna turn off E True Hollywood Story now with Paris Hilton and get in the sack. Nitenite everyone back at home and everyone elsewhere :)

Aaaah, din heldiggris asså!! Godt du slapp unna terrorists ;) Hehee!

Jeg vil se bildeeeer, så u better fix it!!

Kos deg masseee, snuppelura!! :D U deserve it <3

Nattinatt! Puss

Skrevet av: RoCKpriNSeSsan

27.jan.2010 23:57

hva skal du i dubai?


27.jan.2010 23:58

I miss you! Håper du koser deg masse gullet!

Skrevet av: Karoline

28.jan.2010 14:59

Ooo, dubai! Lengter tilbake - for en deilig plass!

Kos deg masse søta og nyt varmen!!

Skrevet av: Monique Lund

28.jan.2010 21:50