Popping in to say hi :)

Finally got some sun here in Dubai. or I should put it more like this: I didn't sleep in and actually got to see the sun today.. hehe

I've had a mani- and a pedi and shopped a WHOLE LOT (kidding, Daddy!!). I planned on having a workout at the Jumeira Beach hotel today but the sun kinda appealed to me more.. :) Better do it tomorrow then.
I've met so many great people. some better than others I must say.. ;)

It's such a GORGEOUS hotel and we've got a membership card there so we can use the gym, spa, pool, restaurants and the lots, while we're staying in our own gorgeous house.

I took some pictures for you to see my living accomodations at the moment:

My room

Filled with more shoes now ;)

and more cute little dresses. it's actually pretty warm here. how's Norway? ;) my dad said it had snowed even more today! so glad to get away from the snow for a bit.

my bathroom

Cutest entrance. I'm gonna have an entrance like this in my house!! someday :p

Funky livingroom

Mr.Tigery protects me while I'm sleeping! so does the two dogs outside + the security guards actually! It's MAD here!!!

BOO!!!!! Scared u didn't I? Important to nurture your skin while in a hot country so it doesn't dry out. take it from the stylist. also impportant to eat lots of fruit. just because it's there and it's goooood :)

Dubai rocks!! Stå på! ;)

Skrevet av: Ove H

01.feb.2010 20:33