Thanx for your help with this blog :)

Ok so the majority voted for me to keep this blog in english. some said I could write in the language that suited me best on that particular day ;) I think that was a clever one, and I might go for that one haha. The thing is: I'm not a big fan of google translate cause it sucks!!

Me and Charlotte went out yesterday, but I felt really sick. You know different country, different food and all that.Different smoke. I tried this arabic tobacco thing. a bit stronger than normal tobacco, and I bough this cute little case for it in: PINK!! We had waterpipe with some kind of grape-tobacco. I didn't really like it though, but Charlotte loved it haha.
After I tried it I felt totally sick. Puked and needed cool air and everything.
I still managed to go out. Hadn't really eaten anything all day so it helped with a little food. We went to a nightclub with some of Charlotte's friends, met some Londoners (thank God. I'm starting to get a bit tired of the arabic language..)
But I went home early, took a taxi that really didn't know his way around Dubai. None of them does!!! They're totally useless. Our driver told me it's better I call him whenever.Thank GOD!!
I gave myselfa little facial and chemical peel before bed and I woke up with the smoothest skin. I hate it when I forget to remove my make-up before bed, and I always seem to forget it.

I can't seem to get the pics uploaded right now and we've gotto hit the pool, so I'll try again later. Dubai computers are making it hard for me!!

c yaaaaaa :)

Har egentlig ikke lov til å si så mye mere enn det jeg allerede har sagt om saken=) Men det er ikke noe big deal,jeg er på vei ut.

Skrevet av: Marit Skree

01.feb.2010 12:59

Marit Skree: ser den altsaa :) daarlig naar det blir saann som det

Skrevet av: Christine Lövendahl

01.feb.2010 16:42

Baby, I miss you!

Skrevet av: Karoline

02.feb.2010 08:50

Karoline: missing you too hon. back in a week :) kaffe i oslo?

Skrevet av: Christine Lövendahl

02.feb.2010 09:23