While I'm waiting..

..for my New Yorker date to pick me up I thought I would check out the tickets home. They've raised the price on them by 2000kroner from earlier today, so I thought it best to order them now. So I'll be back in Oslo on saturday morning. Staying in Oslo a few days and then I'm going back home for a week or so before going to Liverpool at the end of this month. can't remember exactly when though.

What are you up to tonight? We're going for a few drinks here in Dubai.

A few pics I took from the pool yesterday. The lifeguards kept asking if I wanted my picture taken underwater.Seems like everyone wants that but I've had my SHARE of underwater pictures so I said no thank you and the guy wouldn't back off. He seemes horrified that I didn't want my picture taken. Relaaaaaax little man!

Yeah, I didn't really SEE what I was taking pictures of, because of the sun.But you get the idea, that it's warm and cozy here :)

Håper du for en fin kveld! :D


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03.feb.2010 18:33