Spencer Pratt fights like a girl

I really mean it... I can do better ;) Watch episode 1 of the 5th series of The Hills and you will know what I'm talking about. Btw.. How is it even possible to get so remotely turned OFF and irritated with a guy that you see on a TV show???
Apparantly he's following me on Twitter, and all my blogposts gets posted there as well so if he sees this I guess we're friends no more. Boohooo. I'm sorry Spence but after having a The Hills marathon here, you kinda piss me off, dude!
I hope for HIS sake that it's a character he's playing and not so much him, though I haven't really figured out yet just HOW much of it is 'real' and how much of it is acting.
Like..getting married! How can that be an act?? They ARE married in real life aren't they?

Oh well, I'm supposed to be packing but I got bored so I saw a few episodes of The Hills and now I guess I'm back to packing. Leaving Dubai tomorrow night. Missing people at home. It didn't take me long did it?  I'm going shopping and spending time with my hot date who surprisingly enough wants to see me again, though I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed :p haha..

Can someone come and do my packing?? Like.. Pretty PLEASE!?

hahaaaaaaaa Spencer sucks BIG TIME!!!!! We¨re talking; puuuuuuke!!!

Skrevet av: Christine

04.feb.2010 20:23

Hei, du har en veldig fin blogg, men kan du si meg hvordan du får den skriften på innlegget? =)

Bare send en kommentar på bloggen min eller send mail til mialand@live.no ;D <3

Skrevet av: Lille Meg &#9829;

04.feb.2010 20:42

kul blogg!!!

Skrevet av: carina

04.feb.2010 21:18

Hehe.. I saw that episode too! He fighst like a girl yeah! ;)

Skrevet av: Ove H

04.feb.2010 22:45

Hei, du har kjempe fin blogg, og fin header, så tenkte du kunne hjelpe meg litt. Jeg skal ha en konkuranse om hvem som lager finest header til meg, den som vinner får to fine premier. MELD DEG PÅ


Skrevet av: &lt;3 Erika Wilhelmsen

04.feb.2010 23:33