My last day in Dubai

I'm leaving tonight and I just had some time to blog the pictures from today. I went to the biggest shopping centre in the world. I actually didn't get lost, but I just kept to the one end of the mall, though.

I was glad to see they had French Connection here. FCUK. I have a shirt that I bought in Newcastle that says: "2 busy 2 fcuck" and I wore it while I was working in a bar and needless to say every drunk person there was staring. But I'm not really that bold. Don't get fcuk mixed up with fuck! But you kinda do when you've had one too many drinks don't you?

Me at Dubai Mall. Do YOU think my dress is inconvenient for shopping in the emirates? Well, I don't like how THEY'RE dressed either!!! So there!  Burka my ass...

Dress: TopShop Shoes: Friis & Companys Purse: TopShop Thong: LaSenza

They had a few little cars at show. I actually kinda liked this one. Though I'm not one for flashy cars. I like them BIG!

Now THIS I like.....!!

aaaw... love IS rich isn't it?

Now here's what I got from these wonderful stores. Did I tell you I LOVE stores? They're so warm

BOBBI BROWN make-up. She's the most well known make-up artist in the world and she's even got her own brand of make-up now.

Beautiful colours. I put together a palette of rouge, eyeshadows and eyebrow colour.

Jacket: FCUK Pants: DL Jumpsuit: FCUK

Now I'm going to have a little grannynap before we're off to the airport. I just ate a whole load of pasta and I feel so full and a bit sick, actually. Why do people let me eat so freakin much??? ;)

Så mye fint^^

Skrevet av: Silje

05.feb.2010 16:35

Det ser ut til at jeg lærte meg noe nytt i dag. Tusen Takk for innlegget.

Skrevet av: Tjene Penger Online

05.jul.2010 19:32

Tjene Penger Online: å hva da?

Skrevet av: Christine Lövendahl

05.jul.2010 20:20