Back in town baby

After my long plane of 7 hours (!!!!!!!) which I slept most of cause of a couple of beautiful Vival tablets that I got for my nan´s funeral. works like sleepingtablets on a plane too, I´ll tell you.

Anywhooooo...  I crashed at Marthe´s this morning. Poor thing hadn´t gotten any sleep tonight and was all distressed. I gave her some of my vival´s and she slept like a baby for a couple of hours. Can we just say: MEN ARE CRAP!!!!!! why are they causing us so much brainfuss and stress? I think maybe I´ll convert and become a nun. oh weeeeell..

Anywhoooo 2.... We´re camped up (not in that sense, no one here´s gay that we know of) at Marthe´s and what are we doing?  We´re BLOGGING. sorry for the shabby morning faces. we´re taking pics anyway

yup. gotto put our faces on and get out.
I think we´re going out tonight. Bølgen & Moi. C ya :)

Søte bilder, likte bloggen din :-)

Det er ikke mening med reklame, liker det ikke selv, men.. Vil du vinne header+design? Gå innpå! Vinneren blir trekt i dag kl. 13.30!


Skrevet av: tina - t0by

06.feb.2010 12:30

fin blogg :-D

Skrevet av: Karina Syltøy. - the ABC of growing up!

06.feb.2010 12:32

Kan ikke du legge ut bilde av deg i den nye lakkbuksa du kjøpte?

Skrevet av: Henrik

07.feb.2010 17:02