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Rollingstone skriver:
"Six years after breaking up and just days after joining the Reading and Leeds festival lineups, all four of the Libertines appeared at a London pub yesterday for a press conference to confirm their reunion. What began as a typical Libertines event ? the rockers showed up 30 minutes late for their own announcement ? turned into a impromptu concert as Pete Doherty, Carl Barat, bassist John Hassell and drummer Gary Powell performed eight songs on acoustic guitar, even taking song requests from the journalists in the audience, Spinner reports.

Strokes, Libertines in demand: has 2000s nostalgia already begun?

During the half-hour press conference, the charismatic Doherty said that the reunion was all about the Benjamins, £1.2 million worth to be exact, and he joked it was enough to ?pay last year?s tax bill.? According to Spinner, Doherty also riffed on his recent legal problems, mockingly hailing a taxi after police sirens were heard driving past the bar. As for the reunion itself, the Libertines revealed they?ll likely stick to material from Up the Bracket (one of our Best Albums of the Decade) and The Libertines as it?s ?going to be hard enough to remember some riffs from the old days.? There were no guarantees the band?s reunion would yield any new material as well."

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